MiXiT break new ground as the world's first inclusive pop group!

Featuring members with and without learning disabilities working together

and performing songs that

range from Little Shop Of Horrors to Little Mix! 

MiXiT have attracted audiences from not only the UK but from all over the world.

With a global following.


                              MiXiT are iconic to both people with and without disabilities.


MiXiT have not been manufactured out of a music boardroom, but have been fused from friendships

spanning years. Each member has more than a decade of experience, including some prestigious

performances including the main act at the Labour Party Conference before Tony Blair’s speech (2005)

along with numerous performances at the Edinburgh international Fringe Festival

they grab audiences wherever they perform.

These talented artists have performed all over the UK to massive audiences and their fan base grows on

a daily basis with audiences being wowed and taking the group to their hearts.

MiXiT have a dream to show that people with and without disabilites can live in harmony.

MiXiT are proudly sponsored by


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